Researchers, educators and practitioners in public administration routinely publish their work in academic journals. In a way, these publications best capture what the field is like in a given moment. The extensive list of administration and policy journals below has been divided between open access database and subscription-based journals.

Open Courseware

Open access courses are a great way to get a taste for what public administration has to offer in a free, on-demand online course environment.

  •’s Introduction to Public Administration
  •’s Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change
  • Coursera’s Social Sciences Courses
  • MIT OpenCourseWare Policy Courses

  • Job Resources

    Conferences are an ideal way to network with your fellow public administrators. Below are the most important public administration conferences for the remainder of 2015-16.


    The U.S. Department of Labor’s official job search site, CareerOneStop is in many senses the ideal place for aspiring public administrations to conduct their job hunt, especially if they intend to work in our nation’s capital.

    This is the premier search engine for anyone who intends to work in the public sector in any form, in any region of the country. Many public administrator career seekers will find they don’t have to look anywhere else.

    NASPAA Internships

    For the academic-minded, NASPAA internships are an excellent way to get professional footing while continuing on in a public administration master’s program.

    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    This publication maintains an online job board with positions in higher education. While most jobs are affiliated with colleges and universities, employers outside academia interested in hiring personnel with higher education skills and experience also advertise here.

    Higher Ed Jobs

    This board is another option for graduates interested in positions at colleges and universities. Search by location, institution type and categories like online learning. You can set up a custom alert to receive email notification when new positions in your area of interest are posted.

    If your career goals include making a positive difference in your community and connecting people with resources, Idealist provides access to more than 10,000 job postings. Narrow your search with filters like location, field, job setting and type of employment.


    • American Political Science Association Annual Meeting

      Philadelphia, PA | September 1-4, 2016

      The theme for the 112th APSA Annual Meeting is “Great Transformations: Political Science and the Big Questions of Our Time”. Watch their site for more information on the topics to be presented as the date approaches.

    • International City/County Management Association Annual Conference

      Kansas City, MO | September 25-28, 2016

      Government managers and their staffs meet to discuss policy and key issues surrounding the management of local governments. Attendees gain valuable knowledge on common practices and tools to affect change in their areas.

    • Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration Conference

      Brooklyn, NY | October 14-16, 2015

      The main focus of this year’s conferences is to explore and discuss ways to improve and add value to public service programs in the face of ever-changing public needs.

    • Northeast Conference on Public Administration

      Portsmouth, NH | November 6-8, 2015

      This year’s theme, “Challenges of Governance in Global Uncertainty”, focuses on public concerns, such as universal health and homeland security, that have shifted from a national or world concern to the state or local levels.

    • American Society for Public Administration Conference

      Seattle, WA | March 18-22, 2016

      The 2016 conference, titled “New Traditions in Public Administration: Reflecting on Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities”, will focus on the changing needs of the public sector and present new ways for public managers to approach and resolve new problems.